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Cosmic Destiny series

Space Opera  —  Journey into a larger world  —  LGBTQ+

Encounter at Nahfelis book cover

The planet Nahfelis, which the enemy held just two weeks ago.

A warning to stay away.

An alien presence in the tunnels below.

Solana's journey begins in this gripping prequel to Cosmic Destiny as she experiences space in a new way.

Released as ebook on Amazon and Kindle.

Cosmic Destiny book cover

Three pieces to assemble the map in the deserts of the planet Timo. Solana leaned forward and touched the artifact in a moment of awe. She gasped as it expanded and vanished in a flash of light.

Her actions jeopardized the deal with the warring planets. The president would remove her from the project of uncovering humanity's past.

But in the moment of touching the map, she had seen Sperah again—the alien being who traveled the universe with the power of their mind. Was Sperah back? Or did the alien disappear with the map, along with any chance for peace with the other planets?

Released as ebook on Amazon and Kindle.

Short Stories

Genetic diversity vs diversity of thought in my story Hivemind in R Graeme Cameron's Polar Borealis magazine. Read it in Polar Borealis #1.

My story 'Soul Catcher' was published in issue 2013.28 of the cutting-edge, progressive speculative fiction magazine Future Fire! Thanks go to Chris Cartwright for the wonderful artwork, catching the spirit of the story. And this publication came just at the heels of...

[Note: I noticed that the Fiction Vortex links stopped working some time in 2024. I haven't found a substitute yet.] A woman's struggle in the dystopian world of 'Masked Desire', which was published at the amazing speculative fiction magazine Fiction Vortex.


Ten years ago, I wrote the opening chapter and helped publish Eddie Schroter's biography From Glashuette to Victoria (ebook and print book). It tells the heartfelt story of Eddie's youth in Germany during World War II, his struggle as a prisoner of war, and follows him as he left the ruins of Europe behind to immigrate to Canada and build a new future.


I can also do romance and wrote some fanfic for Never Have I Ever on AO3 under chb4art.

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C. H. Bodenbender is a yogini, art therapist, LGBTQ+ author, and fascinated to explore what else may be out there in the universe. She is convinced that our cosmic destiny has just begun.