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Timo is a planet with extensive deserts, except for the forested areas at the poles where plants thrive in cooler temperatures. Some mountain regions also feature lush ecosystems. Both the natural resources and solid ground explain why human settlements have focused near hills and mountains.
     About 5 million people live in various cities on Timo. They harvest energy through solar thermal power plants, wind power generators, and photovoltaics through sunlight reflected from the ring system during the night.
     The artificial ring systems surrounds the planet and provides the planet's magnetic field and reflection of sunlight for photovoltaics. The military can direct the magnetic field outward to stifle approaching enemy ships.
     Old records show that human ancestry goes back to a place called Vinland. Most Timoans regard it as a fact that Vinland must have been on Talwald. Only a few voices defend the idea that Vinland may have been located in an especially fertile region in one of the mountains, but may have been lost due to desertification.      Timo has two moons: Abraxas and Monta.

Aldinborg - Timoan capital city - Udenesberc district


A planet marked by volcanic activity that renders the atmosphere toxic to most life forms.
     Insectoids are the dominant, intelligent species and it is clear they did not originate on this planet. They live in domed cities and fight for their right to settle back on Tawald, where they must have evolved originally.
     Vulker have an extensive network for mining geothermal energy from below the planet's surface.
     Vulk has several moons. The most famous is Uste, which broke into two pieces centuries ago.


Extensive forests cover Talwald, interrupted by rivers and lakes. A few mountain ranges lay witness to a more tectonically active past. Majestic forests provide a humid climate with cooler temperatures at the poles. Talwald is the largest inner moon of the gas giant Stiocena, which provides enough thermal radiation to warm the moon despite its distance from the sun.
     Intelligent, two-legged reptilians are the dominant life form on Talwald, living in settlements between the trees. They utilize wind power generators and harvest geothermal energy from inside the moon.
     Humans and insectoids claim to also have originated on Talwald because both Timo and Vulk don't have the necessary biodiversity for intelligent life to emerge. The Talwaelder stress, however, there is no evidence that humans or insectoids had ever lived on Talwald and they defend their world at any cost.

Solar system


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