Cosmic Destiny - Third Gender

Timoan society recognizes that gender is a social spectrum, rather than a strict binary based on reproductive systems (with its individual variations). There are different shades of intrinsic gender identies between male and female, which are bundled under the term feman or the older term third gender.

Records show that, historically, human tribes on Timo accepted a range of 2 to 4 gender identies. A few individuals navigated both female and male identies, and often slipped into the roles of healers and shamans. As human societies grew and merged into one, the understanding and treatment of gender developed into male and female, as well as third gender for identities that are considered to fall inbetween. It is up to the individual how they self identify. There is a variety of gender expression in each category.

Some feman choose to express their gender identity with physical changes, such as hormone treatments. Others select not to undergo any physical changes. In contrast, Timoan society recognizes transsexual individuals as those who don't identify as feman but undergo physical changes to match (bring their bodies in alignment with) their male or female gender identity.

The majority of Timoan society accepts three general gender identities. Relative equality worked fairly well until feman were identified as superior drone pilots, which has created jealousy, friction, and struggles. Some feman have asked to declare all gender categories obsolete and rather embrace individual authenticity, but existing structures of power are resisting this and cite the war as a more important focus of Timoan society.

The appropriate pronoun to address someone who neither identifies as male or female is "ee" as well as "ees" for the genitive case (e.g. "This is ees apartment.") and "eer" for the direct object case (e.g. "I like eer."). "They" can also be used in different circumstance, although it is generally reserved for the plural.

Vulkish (insectoid) and Talwaeldish (reptilian) societies only recognize two genders, female and male, though with directly opposite power hierarchies between both societies.


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C. H. Bodenbender is a yogini, art therapist, LGBTQ+ author, and fascinated to explore what else may be out there in the universe. She is convinced that our cosmic destiny has just begun.