Cosmic Destiny - Characters


Solana is a cartographer working and researching at the University of Aldinborg. After initially following her older brother into the Space Force, she left the military in the wake of his death at the Battle of Uste. Instead, she began her studies at the university, where she met her friend Alina and took in the sentioid Cahtsor as a fellow researcher. She is in her mid-twenties and has been one of the key people to investigate the ancient map in the desert. Solana hopes it will reveal the location of Vinland, the place where humanity originated.


A companion of Solana who was sent to travel the universe by a race from a different galaxy. That ee showed herself to Solana was an accident and Solana had to promise not to tell anyone else about Sperah.


Friend of Solana's, who is working at the conference center. After completing her studies at the university as part of her service for the Planetary Defense Grid, she went continuing her career in administration.


He works as a drone fighter pilot in the Space Force and is drawn into the events when the Vulker do not hold up to their end of the bargain.


A sentioid and Solana's friend and research colleague. Created to serve as a drone pilot, he refused to fight and joined Solana as they worked together on several projects in the field of cartography and historical cartography.


Computer specialist whose skills become vital for the survival of the human population.


Fighter pilot and Askim's wingmate.


Research leader of the 'map project' on Timo and rival of Solana.


Battle sentoid who is being assigned to special operations in any branch of the Timoan Defences Network.


Commander of the new Timoan flagship, the Timo.


Second-in-command on the new flagship.

President Dubon

The current elected president who is defending the interests of the Timoan people at the conference.


The insectoid inhabitants of Vulk, the second planet from the sun.


The leader of the insectoid race. She is about twice as large as a human being and resides on Vulk from where she steers the fate of her people.


Vulker princess and workers are about half the size of the queen. Since the queen rarely departs from her palace on Vulk, the princesses are the ones engage in diplomacy and negotiations, such as at the conference on Timo.


Although Vulker soldiers are also female, they are much smaller than the princesses and workers. They have a stronger exoskoleton, which is enforced by a transparent hard plastic suit. Soldiers have a short incubation period and blessed with an ingrained sense of loyalty to the queen.


Vulker researcher who also works on the 'map project.'


The reptile inhabitants of Talwald, the forest moon orbiting Stiocena, the fourth planet from the sun.


The leader of the reptiles remains in charge as long as he isn't challenged by a contestant and defeated. As a result, he is rarely leaving his palace on Talwald. Yet he has a tight grip on the people under his command.


The alpha knows Tlulan has little ambition to replace the alpha, which is why he puts Tlulan into the prestigous position of leading the final strike against the humans.


Female Talwaelder who has moved up in the ranks fueled by her dream of leaving their solar system one day to reach more distant stars. Unfortunately, Tlulan gets in her way.


Talwaeldish researcher who also works on the 'map project.'


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C. H. Bodenbender is a yogini, art therapist, LGBTQ+ author, and fascinated to explore what else may be out there in the universe. She is convinced that our cosmic destiny has just begun.